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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I bring?

Bring your own beverages and any food you want to eat. Highly recommend shoes that you don’t mind getting wet…we recommend flip flops. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a government issued ID  (will be checked if drinking alcohol), and be ready for a great time.

2. What should I avoid bringing? 

Glass bottles, full size kegs, shoes that cannot get wet, pets, fishing poles, smoking, vaping or other drug paraphernalia.

3. What should I expect?

Expect to board “Rum Shaker” right on time at Gala 417 (2105 West Great Neck Road). You can park for free in the spots shown on our website and we highly encourage ride share services. We will check ID’s to ensure you are 21 if consuming adult beverages. USE THE RESTROOM BEFORE YOU BOARD. There is no restroom on board for the two hours tour so plan accordingly. We have coolers, ice, water, small plates, napkins, utensils, and cups. 

4. Is there music?

Yes, you can Bluetooth in your phone and play your own mix otherwise the Captain can play tunes as well.

5. Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately no for safety reasons.

6. Can children come?

Anyone under age 18 must have a parent or legal guardian onboard. Guests 12 years and younger must wear a life jacket at all times per law and USCG regulations. We recommend anyone 12 and younger to bring their own life jacket. 

7. Is smoking or vaping allowed?

No smoking, vaping or drug use of any kind is allowed. 

8. Who is my Captain?

Your Captain is one of three USCG certified Captains at VB Tiki Tours with years of experience….just ask them?

9. Is the boat USCG certified?

Yes, the boat is a certified uninspected vessel as approved by the USCG to meet all safety and USCG regulations. We have a great relationship with the Coast Guard and Virginia Beach Marine Police.

10. Can we stop at restaurants, sandbars, private homes, or tie up to other boats?

Unfortunately no and we have to be back on time for the next tour.

11. The boat is huge, why is there only 6 people allowed?

Our vessel certification only supports a maximum of 6 people at a time. In the future, we hope to be able to take 12 and possibly more. 

12. What is VB Tiki Tours cancelation policy?

If passengers are a no show or late and miss the tour, they will NOT be given a refund. Additionally, the Captain at any point in time reserves the right to end a cruise for behavioral reasons without a refund of any sort. For passengers that cancel 24 hours or greater, they will be given a voucher to use by the end of September. If passengers are unable to use the voucher, they will be given a refund. If the Captain cancels due to weather or maintenance, we will issue a voucher or refund.  

13. What if I have a special request or it’s a special celebration?

Please let VB Tiki Tours know in the other requests section when signing up for the tour. We will contact you and do our best to accommodate. We are as flexible as we possibly can be to ensure a memorable experience.

14. Can I extend my tour?

It depends. If there is no one scheduled after you, we will do our best to accommodate based on the Captain’s decision. You must sign up online to extend your tour at the normal price per person however…you will be getting an extra 15 minutes free. NOTE: To extend any tour, Rum Shaker may pull back into our loading area to allow passengers to use the restroom. There is none onboard and 4 hours is a long time. 

15. What is a private charter?

A private charter is a cruise you can book where you determine who the passengers are. Normally strangers (we prefer friends you haven't met yet) may book and be part of your cruise as well. A private charter allows you to exclusively reserve the boat for who you want to join you up to 6 people. Each person must still sign an individual waiver. 

Water Ripples

Still have questions? 

Feel free to email Captain Tory at or send a message through the contact form below!

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