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Tiki Wedding Sail Aways

VB Tiki Tours offers a once in a lifetime experience for your wedding with a tiki boat sail away. Cruise off to your life together in style on the water with VB Tiki Tours. 


What to expect

Captain Tory will work closely with the wedding planner or person of your choice to ensure a flawless and memorable sail away. We will arrive early and be perfectly set up for a smooth departure. We will organize any drinks or food you provide and play any requested sail away music. It truly will be a memorable experience adding a touch of paradise to your wedding. A typical sail away lasts approximately 20-30 minutes but completely determined by the couple.  We take up to 6 people total on a sail away.

Lesner wedding_1.png

Finalizing details

Email Captain Tory at for sail away coordination. Prices vary depending on time and location but typically around $300.  The best venues for sail aways are the Cavalier Yacht Club, Lesner Inn and Gala 417. However, we will be as flexible as possible to accommodate any requests.

Lesner wedding_1.png
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